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Praise for Moving On

“The best time to read this excellent book is before you need to…with simple honesty and sensitivity, the authors describe the range of emotions families feel when it’s time to clean out and sell the family home.” Jill Sell, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“I love your book. I am an organizer and an organizer coach who works with people in mid/late life transitions – including downsizing and downsizing-in-place. I often suggest your book in my classes, and I use the keepers/throwers quote from your book for group discussion. Works just beautifully to help people understand the other perspective. Thank you for writing the book.” Sue West, professional organizer

“My husband and I have been in the Senior Move Management business since 1990.  We share this valuable book with our Move Managers and also spread the word of its value to the many senior seminars we present to.  We find it an excellent tool and resource.” Diane Bjorkman,

“This book is so thorough that you won’t need another resource to help you …I prepare houses for sale and often meet people in the midst of “moving on.” I often recommend this book to help them with the physical side of knowing how to sort and pack and give away, but also how to deal with the emotional side of letting go of things. I really like the advice of how to transfer the emotions and memories of an object to paper, pictures, video, or journal. Makes it a lot easier to part with special items that just won’t fit anymore.” Lisa Harrison,

“An essential ‘how-to’ book, with a special sense of how to preserve family relations and the dignity of all involved in the move of an aging parents…a must-read for someone who has been asked to be an executor of a family estate.” Senior Living Institute of New Jersey

“A short, well-organized, easy-to-read book with lots of practical advice…written with great respect for the process and the people engaged in it…The use of anecdotes adds to the lively format…” Dr. Phyllis W. Zahnd, NAPO Greater New York Area Chapter Newsletter

“These days a groundbreaking theme is the need to rid yourself of excess and get to substance…Moving On is an excellent resource for those wanting to move from a bigger home to smaller surroundings…terrific checklists, planning tools, and ways to avoid squabbling among relatives.”  Terra Wellington, Contributing Wellness Editor, Real Magazine

“Injects an impartial, yet understanding, voice of reason into an often highly charged subject. The Additional Resources section is just about worth the price, especially the Donation and Recycling Directory.” Laura Hardy, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

“A wonderful and much-needed book.” Helaine Fendelman, Professional appraiser and host of PBS’s “Treasures in Your Attic”

“Linda Hetzer and Janet Hulstrand are warm, witty writers who get right to the point in this short, concise, and immensely helpful book.” Susan Allen Toth, Author of How to Prepare for Your High-School Reunion and Other Midlife Musings

“Readers can read the entire text from beginning to end, or read individual chapters, “Saving Precious Memories” or “Selling the Goods,” for example, when searching for specific guidance on topics of interest…Perhaps most importantly, “Moving On” is written by authors who have personally experienced the downsizing process…As someone who comes from a family of savers, I appreciated the authors’ insights, understanding of the emotional challenges involved when sorting through items connected to memories, sensitivity in their approach to the tasks involved when closing a family home, and their own value and appreciation of family… Hetzer and Hulstrand coach you, support you, and cheer you on with their very practical advice.” Lana E. Santoro (from Amazon review)

“This wonderful book has become my moving on bible. It helps me with the practical and emotional aspects of this big change.”   Ellen Bates-Brackett (Amazon review)

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  1. Just wanted to post an update to this page. Our new web address is Still love the book and share it often!

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