Downsizing Chronicles: The Storage Locker, Part Two

Oh, well. So my plan to empty my storage unit during the month of March was a bit overly ambitious, and even more overly optimistic. The point is, as one of our readers pointed out in a comment posted on my last post (and I take some comfort in the fact that she is a […]

Downsizing Chronicles, Stage 2: The Storage Locker (Part 1)

Almost two years ago I moved out of the home I had been living in in Maryland for the past eight years, and went to France. At the time, I wasn’t really sure where I was going to be living next: I was only sure that I wanted to stop living in the house I […]

Downsizing Chronicles: My Downsizing Anniversary

It is almost exactly a year ago that I rode away from the home I had lived in for the past eight years in a cab, airport-bound, in a driving rain. (“A monsoon” the neighbor who helped me get the last things out of the house has described it.) I have described the experience of […]

Downsizing Chronicles: My Downsizing Report Card

When Ed Koch was Mayor of New York, he was known for his habit of asking New Yorkers, “How’m I doin’?” I found that habit endearing, even though a big part of me knew that a big part of him probably wasn’t really listening to the answers. (Because, let’s face it, most politicians are not […]

Downsizing Chronicles Part 1: A 27-Day Marathon

Several weeks ago, I made a bold, fateful, and possibly slightly insane decision. I decided to move out of my home; sell, donate, throw out, and otherwise get rid of much of my stuff; and put whatever was left into storage. All in 27 days. The home I had been living in for the past […]

Do Downsizing (and Decluttering) ALWAYS feel liberating?

Well, no. Honestly, they don’t. At least not for everyone. I know at least ONE person for whom it is not always so: myself! And I have talked to quite a few others who feel the same. 🙂 This post is for those who may find it anywhere from a little bit, to very, discouraging […]

More on the Limits of Sparking Joy

Last year I wrote about Marie Kondo’s great success, about my skepticism in approaching her books, and about my surprise that I found her advice to be more sensitive toward and respectful of the “keepers” of this world than I thought it would be. But at the time, I didn’t really admit that I was […]

Q&A with Eve Schaub, Author of Year of No Clutter

  A few weeks ago, while I was immersed in my own continuing downsizing saga, I made an absolutely wonderful discovery. Eve Schaub is what we call in our book, and on this blog, “a keeper.” She is also a writer who describes herself as “a serial memoirist.” In 2011 she wrote a blog about […]