Train Travel, 78 RPMs, Chiggers, and Other Memories of Cleaning Out a House

As Family History Month draws to a close, we wanted to share this wonderful post written by a friend, which illustrates perfectly how a family can make time for sharing the memories and having some fun along the way in the midst of a big (and yes, sometimes tedious) job. Hope you will enjoy this post, and follow his very good advice at the end of the piece!

More to Come...

Tom Brown transition My father in the midst of transition

I took a day off from work today to be with family in Tennessee.  My father – who earlier this year celebrated his 90 birthday – is transitioning from living in his home of the past 26 years to living in an independent living facility. (The home he is leaving is not to be confused with “The Old Home Place” aka 407 E. Main Street, where I spent my formative years from junior high through college.)

My two sisters and a brother who live nearby have handled most of the details of the move, and Daddy now spends much of his time with my sister Debbie and her husband Mark as he waits for his new apartment to become available.

However, before I was able to focus on family I had work to do along Music Row in Nashville, and I found myself…

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