Today is “Clean Out Your Computer Day”



Originally started by the Institute for Business Technology in California, Clean Out Your Computer Day is observed on the second Monday in February and for this year that’s today, February 10, 2014.

Studies have shown that slow computers and virtual clutter have a negative impact on our work, so this day was created as a way to help us remember to clean up our computer.

For those of you with PCs, you can open up the computer – or ask someone with experience to open it – to clean out the dust. For all of us, we can go beyond the dust and cobwebs, to clean out and organize our files.

Always back up your files before starting to work on your computer.

Here are some suggestions from the experts for cleaning and decluttering.

– Yahoo offers 10 tips for cleaning out the physical parts and the software.

– Iolo Technologies has useful PC clean out tips.

– GigaOm offers tips for the operating system and the files.

– Microsoft has help for speeding up your computer.

Need some help with organizing your virtual files? It’s useful to think of categories when organizing. As we discuss in our e-book, with our real stuff, our physical items, we use the mantra “keep, toss, or donate” but with our virtual files we can amend the mantra to “keep, toss, or archive.”

Of course, you’ll want to keep everything that you are currently working on. But toss out, send to trash, anything that’s old, out of date, or of no interest to you. Start a folder labeled “archive” for papers or files you want to keep but do not need to see every day.

Create as many or as few folders within those categories as you need. Some people work best with a few large topics while others prefer many smaller folders. Use a system that works for you and your computer will be a more user-friendly and organized place to work.

And today is the day to do that.

Linda Hetzer is an editor and author of books on home designcrafts, and food, and coauthor of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home

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