Five Good Reasons to Begin Downsizing Now

1. You’ll start finding all those things you never thought you would. 

There is no need to elaborate on this point. Everyone knows it’s true!

2. You’ll have so much more space to live and work in.

Again, an obvious point.

3. You’ll save so much money when you have to make your next move!

Moving costs a lot of money: and the more you have to move, the more it costs.

Every time I haul a big, heavy bag of discarded old bills, catalogs, magazines and other things to the recycling bin I feel so good knowing that the pounds I am lifting and heaving now are pounds I won’t have to pay to haul to the next place I live.

4. You’ll feel so much better about yourself.

This is not so obvious. But those who have successfully uncluttered their lives all seem to say the same thing. There is a wonderful feeling of freedom in getting rid of “all that stuff.”

5. If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you.

Okay, that does it. I’m getting back to downsizing, now!  🙂

Janet Hulstrand is a writer/editor,  writing coach travel blogger, and coauthor of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home.

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