Getting Rid of…Electronics

Last week’s post addressed the fact that we really need a national policy to address the problem of e-waste.

But of course these things take time: what are people to do in the meantime about getting rid of toxic electronic waste?

There’s no one answer to that question. In some communities regular collection of old computers, printers, cell phones and other electronic goods make it fairly easy to find a way to discard e-waste responsibly. In others it’s much harder. (Hence the need for a national policy!)

So, while we’re waiting for that to happen (or working on making it become a reality), here are a few sources of information on how to recycle electronic materials:


Cell phones:



General electronic recycling information:

We’ll be adding to this list as we find good resources for e-cycling: if you have suggestions for good organizations to add, please share them with us and our readers.

Janet Hulstrand is a writer/editor,  writing coach travel blogger, and coauthor of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home.


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