April 22 is Earth Day

Source: act.earthday.org

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, celebrated across the country by people concerned with environmental issues. The date was chosen because April 22 is the first day of spring in the Northern hemisphere and the first day of fall in the Southern hemisphere .

What can you do to honor the day?

Here are some suggestions from Earth Day Network.

–       Attend an Earth Day event

–       Organize a Day of Service

–       Pledge an Act of Green

You can share a photo of the day. Join Flickr and  upload your photos taken any time during the 24-hour period of April 22 to State of the Environment Group.

You can recycle, of course!

Here are some organizations to help you find recycling locations in your area.



A company whose byword is “Outsmart Waste” is dedicated to eliminating of the idea of waste. It converts previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste into many products in over 20 countries.



Recycle something you no longer need. List a material or item and your zip code to find a location that recycles the material you have.

Call 2 Recycle


This company is the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America. Their slogan is “Make every day Earth Day.”

AARP Recycling Guide


Select an item from their list to find an organization that recycles it, from batteries to golf balls to wheelchairs.

Better World Books


This organization has re-used, donated, or recycled over 73 million books. That’s 99 million pounds of materials that stayed out of the landfill. Great for the planet. Donate your books, then buy other books from them.

As Call 2 Recycle says, let’s make every day Earth Day.

≈Linda Hetzer is an editor and author of books on home design, crafts, and foodand coauthor of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home


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