More Words of Wisdom…

I’ve always collected quotes. Something about the pithiness, the essence of some universal truth captured in just a few words, appeals to me. I like to savor the words that someone else has written and I revisit the quotes from time to time.

The quotes I save are often about nature, food, jobs, books and other topics that I write about but I also treasure quotes about life in general: working, aging, raising children, and all of life’s little ironies.

Since writing about downsizing, I’ve gathered quotes about clutter. My coauthor shared some of her favorites in an earlier post.

Some quotes help us see how frustrating it is to live with clutter.

“When all you see is clutter, all you feel is frustration.” – Richard Flint, motivational speaker

“When you live surrounded by clutter, it’s like dragging the ball and chain of your past around with you everywhere you go.” – Karen Kingston

Other quotes help us see the internal component of clutter.

Legendary personal organizer Barbara Hemphill has a great quote that goes straight to the heart of the matter: “Clutter is postponed decisions.”

And some quotes give us hope.

“Decluttering isn’t just simplifying your life. It’s having a vision, setting new priorities and using those notions to get rid of obstacles.” – Peter Walsh

 “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you save your favorite quotes? Or do you have words of wisdom passed along by your parents or grandparents? We would love to hear about them so please share some of them in a comment on this post.



5 Responses

  1. My favorite quote:

    Abraham Lincoln: The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

  2. A reaction to the quotes above … they sound like self-righteous non-clutterers. I get it from my sister-in-law a lot. But she has no tendency to accumulate, nothing arrives to clutter. My daughter made an observation, viewing the chaos after she and I had walked into a hotel room 5 minutes earlier: “It must be our ADD; we both explode when we come into a room.” Decluttering certainly takes more than good intentions. If I collected quotes, which I probably do, I don’t know where I keep them. (Windows 7 Search is a big help there.)

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Lee. Many of us agree with you that clutter is inevitable. But we’re trying to find a system that helps us live with what we have in a way that doesn’t hinder the other parts of our life.

  3. […] people of different times and different places, can help give you perspective. See posts about that here and […]

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