A Day for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday, it is my second-favorite. But to me it is also the purest, simplest, most wonderful holiday in so many ways.

You don’t actually have to buy anything or even consume anything in order to celebrate Thanksgiving. All you have to do is be grateful.

I suppose it is true of most holidays that, stripped down to their essentials, no expense, no fuss, no commercial aspects need apply. The Whos in Whoville discovered this when the Grinch took away all “the trimmings, the trappings” of Christmas, and they sang it in joyously anyway.  Easter is about rebirth; Passover about freedom from slavery; Valentine’s Day about love. And so on. And most holidays are also about sharing joy of one kind or another with our loved ones.

Perhaps that too is one of the gifts of Thanksgiving. To remind us that at the core of the holidays we celebrate is simply an appreciation of life and all its gifts. And that all we have to do, really, to celebrate them is to appreciate those gifts. Holidays remind us to be grateful for the simple gift of life; they remind us of the things we value, the things we aspire to, what we can achieve when we are at our best. And they remind us that despite the importance of all our efforts, our work, our diligence, many of the blessings of life fall on us as simple good fortune, like water from the sky.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing today, may your Thanksgiving day be filled with appreciation, joy, and, well…thanksgiving!



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