The Power of Photographs

A birth certificate shows you were born.
A death certificate shows you have died.
A photo album shows you have lived.

Whoever said that understands the power of photographs.

We all keep photos. Some of us even organize them into photo albums or share them online. But we often forget the impact photos can have on our lives.

For an aunt’s birthday gift, my husband scanned old family negatives too fragile to print conventionally and printed out an assortment of them. We created a collage of photos of our aunt as a teenager, as a young adult, and with her very young children. We honored her 90 years of life with photos.

Before my Dad’s 90th birthday, we drove to Brooklyn where my husband photographed the house where my father grew up. We also photographed a photo of his father’s business stationery that had appeared on a History Channel show about the Crash of 1929. We framed both photos very simply. They are a memorable keepsake of his family history – and a gift that he adored.

Now it’s time for another birthday celebration. Happy 92nd Birthday, Dad! On the way to you are recent photographs of you and the extended family at dinner last Friday night. Here’s to many more photographable occasions.



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