Yard Sale Tips and Advice

As promised in last week’s post, I’ve gathered just a few of the MANY sites/blogs/articles that share tips and advice for organizing and running yard sales (garage sales/rummage sales/etc.)

Ramona Creel’s Online Organizing is a good place to begin, with reminders about universal and global basics such as checking local regulations and thinking ahead to what to do with what’s left after the sale.

This blog post, Ten Tips for Garage Sale Prep, goes into more detail about how to prepare for the sale.

This e-how article (one in a series) focuses on one of the most difficult aspects of running a yard sale for many people, pricing. Interestingly, this article says both “Price It Low” AND “Price It High.” (Depending of course, on the details.) My own personal advice about pricing is that if you don’t have time for Tip #3 (Research, Research, Research), you may want to NOT follow Tip #5 (Price It All). We found in running our sale at my Dad’s house that a few of the items we had left unmarked, either because we ran out of time or were simply stumped as to pricing, brought a significantly higher price when we asked the buyer to “make an offer” than they would have if we had priced them ourselves. (In such cases you will no doubt be getting less than what the item is worth, but more than you would have gotten if you had done the pricing. And if your main purpose is to get rid of stuff, not to become an expert in secondhand sales, is that so bad?)

Another often problematic matter, especially for “keepers,” is what to do with unsold items after the sale. It’s best to have a policy about this, decided in advance, and then follow through with it! The Organizing Genie has some good suggestions here.

There are many other online sources of information about this very popular summer activity. Here’s wishing you a great season of buying low (but not buying too much) and selling high (but pricing to sell)!



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