The Poetry of Spring Cleaning

April is National Poetry Month.

It is also a month for rolling up our sleeves, clearing away the clutter, and cleaning our homes and yards.

Do these two things have anything to do with each other?

Could they?

Well, here’s a challenge for our readers: can you write a haiku or a limerick, a sonnet or a song, some kind of poetry about spring cleaning?

It could be serious or silly, happy or sad.

If nothing else, it will give you something fun to think about while you’re washing those windows, clearing those shelves, raking the yard, or driving a carload of old electronics off to a recycling location.

In the spirit of never asking someone else to do what you haven’t tried yourself, here’s a haiku to start the ball rolling:

out with the ancient

magazines and junk mail, in

with what’s clear, clean, new

If you come up with a poem you’d like to share, please post it as a comment on this post. Who knows? Maybe together we’ll create a whole new genre–the poetry of spring cleaning!



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