A Future for Trash?

Indhira Rojas is a graduate student at the California College of the Arts where she studies human-centered design with a particular interest in social interaction.

Looking to the future, she envisions an almost Jetson-like grocery-shopping trip. She has developed an interesting program for recycling called Indexer. It’s a database she is building for tracking consumption and managing waste. She explains it here.

Indhira proposes using bar codes to leverage what we buy. With her program, a graduate school thesis, the grocery receipt would give us information on how to break down the packaging for the items we buy and how to recycle it in the best possible way. And it would give us suggestions for alternative items for our current purchases, alternatives that use less packaging and produce less waste.

Bringing less into the house means less waste – in our homes, in the landfills, in the world.

Our discards tell stories about ourselves. And we would all like that story to be one of stewardship of the earth, not one of excessive waste.

Here’s to innovative thinking. In what ways can we all use less?



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