Welcome, Spring!

Spring is officially here: time for poetic sights and sounds, feelings of happiness and warmth….and spring cleaning, of course!

“Spring cleaning” evokes different feelings in different people. To those who love to keep their homes clutter-free (we call them “throwers”) these two words are lively, energetic, wonderful words about cleaning up, clearing out, and making homes more livable.

People who have a hard time getting rid of things, for sentimental or other reasons (we call them “keepers”) quite naturally tend to be less enthusiastic about spring cleaning.

But whether we relish the task or dread it, all of us know that cleaning up and clearing out our homes from time to time is necessary.

Did you know there’s even a National Spring Cleaning Week, to get us all in the mood?

This article has some great tips about natural cleaning products that won’t break the bank or destroy your health, or the earth’s: http://www.thedailygreen.com/green-homes/latest/green-cleaning-spring-cleaning-460303

And, for the procrastinators among us; or for those who would rather write than clean any day, there’s an essay contest open from now through April 9. Salon.com is asking for personal essays about “an object from your past that you can’t bring yourself to toss, even though it no longer has a practical purpose in your life.” They want stories “of how sentimental possessions affect us and about the strange and complex emotions we attach to inanimate objects.” You can find out more here: http://open.salon.com/blog/emily_holleman/2011/03/15/open_call_spring_cleaning

And when you can’t procrastinate any more and it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put on your funky clothes, remember this key piece of advice that I found in every article I surveyed when researching this post.

Don’t forget to crank up the music!

The right beat can help you get started, keep going, cheer up, and stay energized until the deed is done.

Welcome, spring!



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