The Time Is Now

When is it time to empty a house?

The best answer is that the time to start is right now. The one piece of advice we heard from almost everyone we spoke to was “Take your time!” We think this is good advice: the more time you have to devote to the process, the better off you and your family will be in the long run. Beginning well ahead of time can help make it a gentler and more gradual process, and the final stages of it less hurried and stressful for everyone involved.

Of course, when to start is different for every family depending on your circumstances. You might be a couple preparing to move from the home you raised your family in into a retirement community; a middle-aged child helping your parents move out of the house you grew up in; siblings going through the house after the death of a parent; or a middle-aged individual making a move for career or personal reasons. Your personal circumstances will help dictate a timeline that will work for you.



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